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Weber's Bakery in Garfield Ridge



Weber’s Bakery stands as a cherished cornerstone among Chicago’s historic and top-tier retail bakeries. Since its establishment in 1930, they have consistently delighted customers with an extensive array of exceptional breads, pastries, and cakes. Committed to upholding the rich traditions of the past, they strive to offer patrons newer and more contemporary options.

Dedicated to the art of baking, Weber’s Bakery crafts delectable treats from scratch six days a week, taking immense pride in every step of the process. The journey begins with the selection of only the finest ingredients, ensuring a foundation of quality. Each enticing creation is then meticulously hand-crafted by skilled bakers and decorators, resulting in products that are as visually appealing as they are delicious.

At Weber’s Bakery, their commitment extends beyond the oven. They prioritize providing courteous and efficient customer service, allowing our patrons to proudly share our beautiful and tasty products with their loved ones. Whether you are returning to rediscover an old favorite treat or eager to explore something new and exciting, they invite you to step into Weber’s Bakery and experience the timeless essence of their craft.

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