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A Response To The Demand Of Spaces That Are Wholly Crafted For LGBTQ+



Villanelle will be the premier QUEER event space in Chicago. Though there are many spaces that have friendly practices and open their doors to the queer community, we are providing a queer-owned and -operated space for our queer community.

In the ongoing struggle for LGBTQ+ rights and visibility, our community’s journey toward acceptance and pride has been hard-fought through the generations. However, the next chapter of our fight is not just about existing in spaces that tolerate LGBTQ+, it’s about claiming and creating spaces that are expressly designed for and by us. Villanelle is not merely another venue; it is a manifestation of our collective aspiration for places that celebrate our identities.

This is a call to action, urging the community to direct our economic power toward businesses owned and operated by queer individuals, establishments that authentically understand and cater to the diverse needs of their community. No longer satisfied with mere tolerance, it’s a response to the demand of spaces that are wholly crafted for LGBTQ+, spaces that resonate with shared experiences and aspirations.

Villanelle emerges as a unique beacon in this pursuit, steadfast in its commitment to serving and embracing the queer community. It goes beyond being just an events space; it is a sanctuary where our community can gather, celebrate life events, and forge lasting memories. Its vision is rooted in the belief that there exists a substantial audience within Chicago and throughout the Midwest yearning for a venue that authentically embodies their identity.

However, the success of Villanelle is not guaranteed; it hinges on our collective support and commitment to booking events regularly. This space is a testament to inclusivity, welcoming everyone to continue the narrative that began with Split Rail and Dorothy, now unfolding in the new, vibrant chapters of Villanelle. This is a moment to rally together to ensure that this space thrives, becoming a cornerstone of our community’s journey, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of queer-friendly spaces.

If you want to help fund this project, click here.

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