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Soul to Soul Explores The Profound Influence Of Africana Music On The Global Stage



Uniting Voices Chicago, (formerly known as the Chicago Children’s Choir,) proudly kicks off its annual Black History Month Concert Series with an exciting new theme: “Soul to Soul: The Evolution of African Music in America.” Over 2700 students from Chicago Public Schools, participants in Uniting Voices’ impactful youth empowerment and music education program, are fervently preparing for consecutive performances at the prestigious Chicago Symphony Center on Thursday, February 22nd, and Friday, February 23rd, both at 11 am.

This year’s theme, “Soul to Soul,” explores the profound influence of Africana music on the global stage, promising to captivate the hearts and souls of the audience. The concert will feature Uniting Voices singers from diverse neighborhoods across Chicago, coming together in harmonious celebration. From the timeless swing classic “It Don’t Mean a Thing” to the soul-stirring hymn “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing” and a gospelized rendition of the Civil Rights Anthem “We Shall Overcome,” the repertoire spans various genres. The program also includes an energetic ode to funk with “Let’s Get Funky” and a spirited Gullah ring play that is sure to have everyone on their feet.

More than just a performance, this event serves as a platform for Uniting Voices students to showcase their talents and unite in a powerful celebration of cultural diversity. The concert provides a unique opportunity for youth from all corners of Chicagoland to come together, share, learn, and forge connections in an unforgettable experience. Adding to the excitement, the concert will feature the Voice of Chicago, Uniting Voices’ advanced ensemble, known for touring nationally and internationally, representing the organization’s commitment to musical excellence.

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