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A Compelling Documentary That Intricately Weaves Together The Rich Threads Of Art, History, And Culture



Dive into the vibrant tapestry of Chicago’s Pilsen community with a compelling documentary that intricately weaves together the rich threads of art, history, and culture. Renowned self-taught Chicago artist and co-founder of the Pilsen Art and Community House, Teresa Magaña, shares her insights alongside urban contemporary artist CZR PRZ, visionary founder of the National Museum of Mexican Art, Carlos Tortolero, and the creative mind behind Chicago Midwest Made, Mario Maldonado, among others.

Under the masterful direction and co-executive production of Reginald Rice, this documentary artfully captures the essence of Pilsen’s dynamic spirit. Executive produced by the passionate Teresa Magaña, and brought to life through the collaborative efforts of producers Cujodah and Lindsey E. Bates, this cinematic journey unfolds as a celebration of the unique artistic expressions that have shaped the soulful identity of Pilsen.

Catch the screening on Tuesday, November 28 from 4-5 PM at National Lewis University’s Atrium.

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