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The Best Mac N' Cheese In Chicago



Are you ready to have the best Mac N’ Cheese of your life?

How about options including Buffalo chicken, roasted veggie, teriyaki pork belly (yes, really), Italian beef and gravy, and the crowd favorite, ham & peas? Seriously, you have over a dozen options!

Not sold yet?

How about the fact that each entree weighs about a pound?

Folks, it’s a full meal, carefully curated by a chef that has adopted a family recipe going all the way back to his childhood, growing up in Harvey.

This recipe and concept came about from some South Side love. James Beard Award-Winning Chef Erick Williams and Chef Damarr Brown aka “fan favorite” on Bravo’s Top Chef create a delivery-only, pop-up concept. You get the most delicious, cheesy, gooey mac + cheese topped with everything from blackened shrimp and buffalo chicken to teriyaki pork belly…Top This Mac N’ Cheese is not a side, it’s a meal with the ultimate “pull factor.”

Order your dinner, NOW for delievery or carryout is available.

The simple menu features six options: Classic Mac, Chicken Mac, Vegetable Mac, Pork Mac, Shrimp Mac and Beef & Gravy Mac, with Chicken, Pork and Shrimp each offering three choices of cooking styles. Priced from $14 - 18, you can carry out or use Toast and your Mac N’ Cheese will be delivered to your door.

Top This Mac N’ Cheese is open 11 a.m. - 8 p.m., Monday - Saturday.

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