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The Pièce De Résistance Awaits At The 6-Seat Sushi Bar



Step into the allure of Suite 202 at Hotel Lincoln, a haven of intimacy waiting to embrace you. This 500-square-foot retreat, adorning warm wood millwork and adorned with jewel-toned velvet furniture, exudes a subtle touch of Japanese elegance. The 6-seat cocktail bar, crafted in stone and crowned with a solid wood top, beckons you to unwind in style.

Indulge in the ambiance of the main lounge area, designed akin to a cozy living room, offering an array of small side tables for your drinks and plush ottomans for flexible seating. Bathed in the soft glow of a captivating chandelier, the atmosphere is set for unforgettable moments.

The pièce de résistance awaits at the 6-seat sushi bar, discreetly tucked into the suite’s rear where the bed once resided. Here, embark on a culinary journey with a 17-course, 60-minute omakase sushi dining extravaganza. Immerse yourself in the artistry of our chefs as they craft sushi masterpieces right before your eyes. Secure your seats and be part of Chicago’s exclusive in-suite omakase audience, where culinary excellence meets unparalleled luxury.


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