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Author Jeff Hoffmann on Chicago, Hockey, and His Gripping New Thriller Like It Never Happened


Recently, I sat down with Chicago author Jeff Hoffmann to talk about all things Chicago, hockey, and his career. Jeff’s recent book, Like It Never Happened is a page-turning story of innocence lost through the ripples of trauma and life. We talked about his new book, Like It Never Happened, a story of four friends who, decades ago, concealed a deadly secret—but not all lies stay buried in this psychological suspense.

Jeff Hoffmann’s debut novel was Other People’s Children, and his writing has been published in The Sun, Booth, Harpur Palate, and Publishers Weekly. He was the winner of the Madison Review’s Chris O’Malley Prize in Fiction and a finalist for the Missouri Review’s Jeffrey E. Smith Editor’s Prize. He is a passionate proponent of the Oxford comma, a mediocre men’s league hockey player, and a fair-weather fan of the Chicago Blackhawks. He was born and raised in St. Louis and now lives in Elmhurst, Illinois, with his wife and two children.

Check out his new book, Like It Never Happened.

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