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Schlitz Brewery Stable And An Adjacent Tied House Stands As Relics Of Schlitz Row



Wait, there was a “Schlitz Row” in Chicago? What?

Discover a fascinating piece of history in Schlitz Row, where Schlitz Brewery once left its mark. Unearthed from the annals of the past, did you know that Schlitz had horse stables in Pullman? And, intriguingly, Pullman itself was a dry neighborhood. This convergence of unique elements gives rise to the captivating tale of Schlitz Row. Within this historical tapestry, the former Schlitz Brewery stable and an adjacent tied house, just a block south, stand as rare relics from the heyday of “Schlitz Row.” This complex, situated just beyond the “Dry” industrial town of Pullman, originally boasted three tied-houses and residential quarters for Schlitz workers.

The stable, a testament to the vertical integration inherent in the tied-house system, once sheltered horses and carriages instrumental in delivering Schlitz products to its owned tied-house taverns. The symmetrical brick building features a central wagon entrance on the street-level facade, flanked by a pair of gracefully arched openings. Ascending to the second story, corner piers reveal blind-arched openings framing recessed brick and stucco panels adorned with distinctive terra-cotta horse-head sculptures.

This architectural gem is attributed to the renowned partnership of Frommann & Jebsen, the creative minds behind all the structures in Schlitz Row, as well as several other opulent tied houses for the brewery. Step back in time and explore the echoes of Schlitz’s legacy in this remarkably preserved corner of history.

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