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One Of The Most Immersive Hotels In The World Is In Milwaukee's Theater District



An art gallery with a hotel more like it, that’s what you can expect at Arts Hotel, The Sait Kate in Milwaukke’s Theater District. Let us just say, it’s absolutely lovely.

From the moment you walk in you are greeted with an energy that is second to none. Music wafting from the lobby, a glass of champagne welcome, and being completely immersed in the world of the arts…It’s a place where we felt we finally found our people!

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Recognized as one of Milwaukee’s most esteemed hotels with an elite award repertoire, Saint Kate – The Arts Hotel offers a modern luxury experience with an artful twist.

With a prime location in Milwaukee’s Theater District, Saint Kate serves as a creative hub for the city, where every aspect of the hotel is inspired by music, painting, sculpture, and design. It is a place to discover, a place to remember, and a place to connect.

The name Saint Kate gives nod to Saint Catherine—the patron saint of artists and the original champion of the creative process—and then spins around and walks firmly in a bold, modern, new direction.

She’s the supporter, the encourager, the instigator. She’s the one whose confidence makes you feel more confident, the one who tells you: “don’t worry about what anyone else thinks, your path is the right path.” And when you doubt yourself, when you wonder whether the creative pursuit is worth it, she’s ready to remind you: there’s beauty in the process.

Keep going.

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