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Red River Dicks Is The First Black-Owned Country Western Bar In Midwest



Exciting news for Chicago’s Northside as two innovative Black-owned restaurants are set to open their doors, marking a significant milestone with the introduction of the city’s first Black-owned Country Western Bar. These establishments not only promise a unique culinary experience but also contribute to the diverse and vibrant tapestry of Chicago’s cultural scene. Get ready to savor delicious flavors and enjoy the lively atmosphere, all while celebrating the rich contributions of Black entrepreneurs to the local community.

The dynamic force behind Chicago’s cherished neighborhood eatery and cocktail haven, The Delta, G.O.O.D Pineapple Hospitality Group now unveils two innovative concepts poised to captivate the city’s social scene—The Pink Polo and Red River Dicks. While distinct in theme, both share a common thread of exceptional service and an inviting, all-embracing atmosphere. Chicagoans can anticipate the debut of The Pink Polo in the upcoming Spring, followed by the grand entrance of Red River Dicks in the Summer of 2024. Get ready for an unforgettable experience as these two ventures redefine hospitality in the heart of Chicago.

**“**If we’ve learned anything in the nearly seven years of operating The Delta, it’s that people in Chicago want to gather in a space that has good energy, an unpretentious environment, and tells a story that they can resonate with and want to share with friends,” says Eldridge Williams, co-founder, operating partner and creative director of G.O.O.D Pineapple. “We’re not reinventing the restaurant industry with these concepts, but we are planning to leave a significant impression, as The Pink Polo will be a social hotspot where you can take clients, kick-back with friends, and have a damn good cocktail in a chic environment. Whereas Red River Dicks is a lively country western bar and restaurant, all about good times and good vibes - marrying an elegant space with a high-energy atmosphere. Red River Dicks will be the first, and only black-owned country western bar in the Midwest, and pay homage to America’s first black cowboy, Nat Love, AKA, Red River Dick. Anyone who walks into this space will saddle-up to an era of country elegance - dark tapestries, regionally inspired U.S. BBQ, large-format cocktails, DJ’s spinning remixed country classics and more. This isn’t your grandma’s honky tonk bar.”

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