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A Story of Growing Up On Chicago's South Side, Now Executive Chef Partner At One Of Chicago's Best Steakhouse Experiences



Are you craving a Chicago steak house experience, complete with nods to the World’s Fair of 1893? That is exactly what you get at Chicago’s Prime & Provisions.

Complete with a replica Ferris Wheel from the famed world fair, the decor of this unique space is second to none, drawing inspiration from 1800s-era Pullman Railcars.

Prime & Provisions houses a 500-square-foot dry-aging room, lined with Himalayan rock salt, meant to enhance the rich and unique flavors of the natural beef throughout the aging process. The beef is seared in a 1,200-degree broiler and served on a sizzling hot plate simply topped with sea salt and Wisconsin all-natural grass-fed butter.

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The prevailing methods are a hidden secret, but will promise to have customers “never-ever” go back to eating their favorite cut any other way.

Helmed by Executive Chef Partner, Joseph Rizza, the Chicago native and innovative Chef shares his experience and expertise in the kitchen, offering guests quality USDA prime beef and other plates in the Loop.

From spending time in the kitchen with his mother and growing up in his Grandfather’s restaurant, Rick’s of Chicago, Rizza gained his passion for the culinary world at a young age. With this experience, he formed a talent and was inspired to take his skills and expand further. Rizza took his first step in making his dream a reality by enrolling in the Kendall College School of Culinary Arts where he received his bachelor’s degree.

Finding a place he calls “home,” Rizza became a part of the DineAmic team as Executive Chef at Prime & Provisions. He runs all aspects of the back-of-house operations with ordering, inventory and cost control for food and labor under his purview. Rizza shares the same passion as the hospitality group in serving the best quality product and always going above and beyond to satisfy and exceed guest expectations.

The future for Rizza is a blank canvas as he hopes to take Prime & Provisions’ concepts elsewhere, such as New York City, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. He believes, “Life is short, live it to the fullest. If you put good in you will get good out.”

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