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We Think We've Found The Best Paczki In Chicago



Are you hungry yet?

It might be called Fat Tuesday and the beginning of Mardi Gras around the country, but here in Chicago, it’s also known as paczki day! Yes, they’ve been embellished over the years to have whipped cream, and all sorts of fruits stuffed into them.

That’s not exactly tradtion…

The paczki is a Polish tradition that has blossomed here in Chicago.

But where should you go with so many choices?

Who has the best? In our opinion, the Polish Paczki Cafe in Harwood Heights is (far and away) the best and most unique option.

An institution in the Chicago area, Polish Paczki Cafe is one of the only places in the city that makes delicious paczki daily. A Polish restaurant and bakery, they’ve been up since midnight to keep up with the demand of the holiday to bring the freshest paczki around. They only make the traditional paczki with plumb, rose, and raspberry filling.

To learn more about the Polish Paczki Cafe, click here.

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