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US-Based PrefabPads Brings European Tiny Homes To North America



Just about every person that owns a house could always find a reason for more room. The pandemic highlighted a need for additional room, with working from home or a meditation space away from the daily grind.

Chicago area company, PrefabPads, a US-based manufacturing and distribution company, is manufacturing My Cabin in North America, with the opening of their first production facility in Waukegan, Illinois. Stories From The 78 went on a tour of the production space and talked to the father and son-in-law team about the experience.

“We are thrilled to now offer My Cabin to the North American market, providing the ultimate small living experience,” says Peter Seltenright, COO & Co-founder. “These modern units are built in our 30,000 sq.ft. facility in Waukegan, IL, allowing us complete control over quality from start to finish, in a climate controlled environment. We are certain our gorgeous Cabins will begin popping up everywhere in 2023 and beyond. Our Technology and infrastructure allows the production of Cabins at a fraction of the time seen in traditional construction.”

This will be the first entry into the US and Canadian marketplace for My Cabin, a Latvian prefabricated home manufacturing company recognized for its striking Scandinavian design and versatility of living space.

My Cabin provides ready-made intentional solutions to small living, where functionality and design meet. Their sleek, elevated and chic design is small while spacious, and ingeniously practical. My Cabin homes can serve as a primary residence, extension of the home in the form of office space, guest quarters, a home gym, pool house or storage, a getaway destination, a resort and rental destination, and even a sauna.

Launched in Latvia in 2020, My Cabin offers sustainable, modular small homes in four different sizes. In June 2022, the North American production facility began operating in Waukegan, Illinois for the North American market. For more information visit

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