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Kick Off Women’s History Month With The 4th Annual Let’s Talk Womxn 'More Than March' Event



Ignite the spirit of Women’s History Month with the dynamic 4th Annual Let’s Talk Womxn Chicago celebration, proudly named “More Than March.” Join us at the Black & Bling Bash, an exquisite event hosted by over 30 esteemed restaurateurs and entrepreneurs from the Chicagoland area, all passionate advocates of Let’s Talk Womxn’s mission. The celebration unfolds on Friday, March 1, at the vibrant Moe’s Cantina, located at 155 West Kinzie Street in River North, from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. As we kick off, similar Let’s Talk Womxn festivities will echo nationwide throughout March.

“More Than March” stands as a testament to the power, resilience, and creativity of Chicago’s women in the food and beverage industry. It transcends the confines of a single month, underscoring that March is but a fraction of the rich tapestry of womankind’s contributions. Women, who embody half the voice, half the vote, and half the workforce, remain the fulcrum of human propagation.

All women and their male allies are cordially invited to participate in this action-oriented movement. “More Than March” is not just an event; it’s a celebration of womanhood and a call to recognize and celebrate the essence of every woman’s journey.

This gala of empowerment seamlessly blends social and intellectual elements, addressing the glaring disparities faced by women in the US and worldwide. With the United States lagging behind in equality and opportunities, our mission is clear: to spotlight and rectify this imbalance. Renowned Chicago women, including the visionary founder of Let’s Talk Womxn, Rohini Dey, Ph.D., will take center stage to speak on issues of parity, power, and global models for emulation.

Embark on a culinary adventure with tasting stations and diva-inspired cocktails crafted by more than 30 leading Let’s Talk Womxn Chicago restaurateurs. The ambiance will be elevated by a high-energy female DJ, a mesmerizing drag show, and the freedom to dance the night away. Attendees are encouraged to arrive dressed in black, adorned with bling, ready to revel in the gourmet celebration of women’s power.

Tickets for this empowering extravaganza are now available. Secure your VIP admission, granting access from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm, for $125. General Admission opens at 5:00 pm and extends to 8:00 pm, priced at $95. Don’t miss your chance to be part of “More Than March,” a defining moment in the celebration of women’s history and progress.

Visit to purchase tickets and join the national More Than March celebrations by 900+ leading Let’s Talk Womxn restaurateurs and entrepreneurs across 15 cities.

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