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Exceptional Cocktails With World Class Service In A Cultivating Creative Sanctuary



Chicago’s West Town neighborhood has landed an impressive new venue, Lemon. The cocktail bar and venue aim to establish an environment that nurtures creativity, dismantles misconceptions, and fosters meaningful connections.

With an inclusive design, Lemon ensures all patrons feel welcome and comfortable, irrespective of their familiarity with cocktails or music genres. As Chicago’s performance scene rebounds from recent challenges, Lemon is committed to contributing to its revitalization by providing a nurturing space for artists to flourish.

The visionary team, including Jeremy Owen Barrett (General Manager & Co-Beverage Director), Zak McMahon (Co-Beverage Director), Seth Blumenthal (Director of Operations), and Mason McIntire (Creative Director), intends to marry the sophistication of a craft cocktail bar with the vibrancy of a live performance venue and gathering space.

Co-Beverage Directors Jeremy and Zak are finalizing a cocktail menu that spans classics, seasonals, and unique creations, complemented by a hyper-local beer selection and a curated yet distinctive wine list. They will also introduce a zero-alcohol cocktail program, catering to guests who choose not to consume alcohol.

In addition to a diverse selection of libations, Lemon Chicago aims to pioneer a zero-alcohol cocktail program, catering to patrons who prefer non-alcoholic options. Initial food offerings will feature carefully selected snacks, with plans to expand to more substantial options in the future.

The artistic mission of Lemon extends beyond crafting exceptional cocktails and delivering world-class service; it involves cultivating a creative sanctuary for artists to thrive. The multifaceted space will embrace various art forms, from folk and jazz to occasional punk and rap performances. Lemon’s commitment to community goes beyond the artistic realm, aiming to empower staff through education, financial security, benefits, and a sustainable living wage.

To further support this vision, Lemon will eliminate minimum wages for employees, moving towards a sustainable lifestyle for its workforce. With a steadfast commitment to diversity, Lemon Chicago welcomes patrons to explore and enjoy comedy, drag, dance, and cabaret performances, creating a dynamic platform for local performers and independent artists.

For more insights into the charismatic team, as well as Jeremy and Zak’s visions for the bar program, stay updated by following Lemon Chicago on Instagram (@lemon_chicago), Facebook (@lemonchicago), and TikTok (@lemon_chicago), or visit their website at

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