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'Chicago Over Everything'



Things are looking up for two brothers that grew up watching The Long Ranger on VHS. They’re celebrating the smashing success of their second Kone Ranger fashion show, giving the masses a glimpse of the Spring 2023 collection.

Two brothers started an upcycle clothing brand out of their apartment that blossomed into pop-up custom streetwear that mixes cowboy aesthetic with Chicago grit.

This is Konrad and Kevin Eiring’s first foray into the business world. They have expanded their online brand into a West Town pop-up, brick-and-mortar store. There, they design, screen-print, and sell their custom clothing.

“Kone Ranger is an independent design group that values sustainability as much as design, promoting balance, confidence, and community,” Konrad Eiring said. “We upcycle and design one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect a mindful and sustainable lifestyle. By wearing a Kone Ranger piece, you represent everything that we stand for.”

Check them out at their new permanent location in Avondale!

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