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Home To Walt Disney And Schwinn Bicycle Company



Hermosa, nestled on the northwest side of Chicago, Illinois, stands as one of the 77 designated community areas in the city. Comprising the Kelvyn Park and Hermosa neighborhoods, this vibrant region holds historical significance, being the birthplace of none other than the iconic Walt Disney and housing the former headquarters of the renowned Schwinn Bicycle Company.

Despite its relatively small size, Hermosa thrives as one of Chicago’s most densely populated neighborhoods. It boasts a predominantly Hispanic blue-collar community, further enriched by a flourishing manufacturing base. The area’s appeal lies not only in its convenient proximity to workplaces but also in its easy access to downtown and well-developed public transportation options, making it an attractive choice for many residents.

Adding to its diverse identity, Hermosa is home to the Consulate-General of Honduras in Chicago, situated at 4439 West Fullerton Avenue. Recognizing its historical value, the Hermosa Bungalow Historic District earned a coveted spot on the National Register of Historic Places on December 31, 2018, commemorating its architectural heritage and cultural significance.

*Map From The Map Collection, University of Chicago Library.

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