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The Story of Garrett Popcorn's CaramelCrisp and Revolution Brewing's Caramel Ale



A new take on a Chicago mix, indeed. Chicago’s iconic Garrett Popcorn has collaborated with another Chicago icon, Revolution Brewing, and is giving hopheads ingredients to rejoice in a CaramelCrisp-flavored ale.

To borrow a quote from the former manager of the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs Joe Madden, “Do simple better.” That is exactly what they did, using 450 pounds of popcorn and 1,200 pounds of brown sugar and a dash of kosher salt is all that was needed to make this dream a reality.

You’ll have to look hard at the Jewels, it’s a limited item. Look for the 16-ounce cans that have the same design as a tin of Garrett’s.

That’s Chicago for ya…

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