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Over 10 million Jars Sold, All Made Right Here In Chicago



From a humble inception with just one fridge nestled in a downtown Chicago food court in 2013, Farmer’s Fridge has undergone a remarkable transformation. Now boasting a formidable presence with over 600 locations nationwide and forging partnerships with retail giants such as Target, Costco, and Hudson News, Farmer’s Fridge has become a beacon of accessible, nutritious, and affordable meals.

Whether you find yourself rushing through O’Hare or LAX, navigating a night shift in a New York hospital, restocking your home fridge with wholesome meals in Minneapolis, or seeking a convenient grab-n-go lunch at Target, Farmer’s Fridge is as ubiquitous as a candy bar, ensuring that healthy eating is within everyone’s reach.

The journey from “Zero to Hero” reflects the company’s tenacity, starting from the struggles of launching a solitary fridge in a downtown food court to now operating in major stadiums, airports, university campuses, and bustling office buildings. Some noteworthy locations include Paramount Pictures, Arena in LA, the Minnesota Vikings Facility, Shedd Aquarium, Northwestern University, the University of Chicago, and key airports like LAX, O’Hare, JFK, and Midway.

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