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Over 150 Artisanal Ciders, Cocktails, And Fruit Spirits



Mark your calendars because Cider Summit Chicago is back to celebrate its 10th Anniversary at Navy Pier on Saturday, February 3. Come out and enjoy a fantastic day filled with over 150 artisanal ciders, cider cocktails, and fruit spirits.

🎉 Event Details:

🌟 Highlights of Cider Summit Chicago 2024:

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the region’s largest cider tasting event! 🥂 For more details and tickets, visit Cider Summit Chicago. If you can’t make it, be sure to check out Eris Brewery and Cider House.

ERIS draws inspiration from the mischievous Greek goddess, renowned for sowing discord. In a tale that echoes Eris’s audacious act of tossing the golden apple of discord into an uninviting party, chaos ensued as attendees vied for its allure.

Much like Eris, we, as cider makers in a city boasting over 100 breweries, understand the feeling of being left out of the festivities. In an industry traditionally dominated by men, our experience mirrors the challenge of not receiving that coveted invitation. It is this understanding that propels ERIS to prioritize inclusivity, approachability, and accessibility in all our endeavors.

ERIS was conceived as our bold statement, a symbolic golden apple thrown into the vibrant tapestry of the Chicago scene, challenging norms and creating a space where everyone is welcome to revel in the beauty of diversity and distinctiveness.

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