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Bob’s Pizza - The Best Chicago Independent Pizza Chain You’ve Never Heard Of Specializes In Pilsen-Style Pizza With Dough Made With Old Style Beer



We’re going to say it, Bob’s Pizza might be the best pizza in Chicago…seriously, it’s that good. It’s a hidden gem right in the middle of the neighborhood of Pilsen.

Bob’s Pizza website:

Bob’s Pizza executive chef/partner Matt Wilde previously cooked at fine dining restaurants in the Twin Cities, trained in France, and was most recently executive chef at Hubbard Inn and Joy District in Chicago.

Wilde created “Pilsen-style pizza” using Chicago’s favorite Old Style beer in its pizza dough recipe instead of water.

The Old Style beer is mixed with 00 flour, active yeast, and a secret spice blend. The dough is then hand-stretched and finished with applicable toppings, sauce, and a proprietary cheese blend (mozzarella, Parmesan, and Swiss) on most pies before being quick-fired in pizza ovens.

The finished product is a 16-inch pizza that serves two to three guests. Pilsen-style pizza is similar in thickness to New York-style pizza.

Every Bob’s Pizza offering (build-your-own and specialty pizzas) is finished with Wilde’s chef-driven touches of sea salt, cracked black pepper and herbs after they emerge from the pizza ovens.

Guests can build their own Bob’s Pizza by utilizing 20+ toppings (truffle honey, locally-sourced sausage, stracciatella, banana peppers, etc) or order any of its seven specialty pizzas.

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