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Two Besties Started A Business That Is Nothing Short Of The Big Leagues



When you can’t find something you’re looking for, just start your own business with your bestie and make it yourself.

That’s exactly what Angie Garbot and Kirsten Goede did! Together, they are the co-founders of Big League Pins. A small, independently owned, local, and creative business that brings passion and heart withe very pin creeated.

Anyone who knows them knows that they are huge Chicago Cubs fans. The pair have been friends for over 10 years, our pin obsession was borne out of this shared love of baseball, and wanting fun and stylish accessories to support our team.

Goede is a full-time graphic designer and owner of Statement Design. She has also designed and created a line of beautiful Swarovski jewelry. Garbot is a full-time photographer and owner of Angela Garbot Photography. She loves wearing beautiful Swarovski jewelry. From that initial spark, we launched our passion project…creating unique, stylish and fan-centric enamel pins. T

They’re finding that their passion extends well beyond the Cubs and Chicago sports. We’re also BIG fans of the city we call home, Chicago. Our interests also include fashion, food and weddings so they’re designing pins for those categories too.

Find your pin at the Wrigley gates on opening day or at Big League Pins.

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