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Bettie’s Chicago Is A Retro Diner-Themed Event Space



Bettie’s Chicago, nestled in the charming River North neighborhood of downtown Chicago, is not just an event space—it’s a journey back in time to the nostalgic 1950s. As a retro diner-themed venue, we specialize in creating a unique blend of entertainment and education, offering a delightful fusion of event hosting and recreational cooking and baking classes.

Immerse yourself in the weekly baking classes and date night events hosted by none other than the talented Baker Bettie herself—Kristin Hoffman. Step into an era where the simplicity of a pyrex bowl and the warmth of baking memories come to life. Baker Bettie’s expertly breaks down baking techniques and science, ensuring that every participant gains hands-on experience in a friendly and easily digestible manner.

The space, adorned with a genuine 1950s jukebox and a classic Coke machine, is the perfect backdrop for private classes, parties, and corporate events. Whether you’re seeking a cozy baking class or a unique venue to host a memorable event, Bettie’s Chicago promises a one-of-a-kind experience.

“Baker Bettie is my retro alter ego,” says Kristin Hoffman. “I aim to infuse a sense of nostalgia into the art of baking, creating an environment that feels comforting and approachable. Join me, and let’s recreate those cherished baking moments together.”

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