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Chicago's Elena Gatti Is The Artist In Residency At Pendry Chicago



Pendry Chicago is opening its Billiards Gallery to local artists for an artist residency series.

Taking place in the Billiards Gallery inside Pendry Chicago. Meet and watch the artist work from 11am - 6pm on Friday and Saturday. Come back Sunday between 11am and 2pm for the gallery showcase and artist’s talk, with passed Champagne.

This event is free and open to the public.

This weekend, Elena Gatti emphasizes mental health expression and prioritization in her whimsical animal illustrations.

Chicago artists are expanding the scope of traditional artistry, combining bright colors and shapes to tell stories of mental health, social change and activism, and a few will be under the spotlight at luxury boutique hotel Pendry Chicago. Last year, the hotel showcased the minds of local artists including Natalie Osborne and Dwight White at the iconic art-deco Carbide & Carbon Building, and now they’re back to present an all-new artist line up for the spring season!

The second installment of these residencies will once again take place in their Michigan Avenue facing Billiards Gallery, where visitors can observe the artists creating live and exhibit existing works of art. The weekend will conclude with an unveiling of the finished artwork, followed by an intimate Champagne party and a brief artist talk.

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