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John Hughes Movie Going Experience Now Open



The 80s called, and they want their theatre back! That’s the experience that’s awaiting you at the Alamo Drafthouse in Wrigleyville.

They dedicated the space to the director that defined the 80s, Mr. John Hughes. Pop-ups of some of the most iconic characters are spread throughout the space, the most immersive spot, is the back of the Ferrari that Cameron kicked the crap out of…no, seriously. Ferrari and plaque are enshrined in the same spot.

Like a scene out of one of Hughes movies, you step back to the mid-1980s with an immersive ode to Shermer High and the cast of characters when you walk into the space. 8-bit graphics greet you and you’re swallowed by the library of 80s classics.

The moviegoing experience:

A total of 372 seats in 6 theaters. All provide dine-in service brought to your seats. All seating is assigned and can be reserved in person or online via a mobile app.

They even have a stand-alone cocktail bar called “Video Vortex,” featuring 32 beers on tap with a focus on the local craft scene. The Video Vortez has about 11,000 DVDs and Blu-Ray options available for rent for free to all customers.

Our favorite is that they offer about 200 rentable VHS tapes, expertly curated by Chicago’s own Bric-A-Brac Records and Strange Tapes Zine.

No VCR? No problem! VCRs and DVD players are also available for rent as well.

Now, get off your couch and see a movie at the theater.

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