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The Story About A Chicago Couple's Business That Has Taken Off



Care for a drink? Yeah, we thought so.

At Aged & Infused, there’s one thing they know for sure: happy hour is a priority. It’s a pocket of time to connect, converse, experiment, and enjoy. And while going out is great, we (the people) prefer cozying up to our own bar cart, with our people, and our damn good homemade cocktails.

Jess and John, a good ‘ol husband and wife duo. They love making cocktails. No, for realz, they really love making cocktails. They’re proud, self-taught mixologists who learned from the best, each other (and the internet).

One holiday, (Jess) wanted to give my partner (John) a gift with a personal touch. Since they both loved whiskey, Jess threw some fresh fruit and spices into a jar, added his favorite booze and Aged & Infused was born. Having loved the experience (and the end result), we decided to make our home bar staple easy and accessible for everyone.

They’re still learning, always coming up with a new cocktail or working on bringing back something from the golden age of cocktails, the traveling bar cart! Yes, these people rule and we wanted you to know them.

Be sure to check out all they have on the site, it will save you hours of scrolling for that perfect drink recipe.

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